‘Dance can help prevent Hypertension, Diabetes and other chronic diseases’

The importance of dancing as an exercise to keep diseases at bay was recently highlighted when physiotherapists under the umbrella of the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) recognised music maestro, King Sunny Ade, in Ondo State as a Worthy Ambassador of the profession Although many people love dancing at social functions, not many are aware

Study shows poor diet is greatest risk to health and wellness

*Worse than unsafe sex, drug abuse, alcohol and tobacco use combined By Sola Ogundipe What could be worse for your health and wellbeing than unsafe sex, alcohol dependence, drug abuse and tobacco use? Researches say poor nutrition could be more hazardous to health that all of the listed factors put together. Already, an estimated three


Every 8th of September is when physiotherapists all over the world celebrate the World Physical Therapy Day, its a day when the physiotherapy body worldwide goes out to give back to the society, to inform, educate, advice, manage, individuals who need the services of physiotherapists, and need I say, all things being equal, everywhere across

Physical Activity and the Prevention of Hypertension

As the worldwide prevalence of hypertension continues to increase, the primary prevention of hypertension has become an important global public health initiative. Exercise in our culture may not just happen. When your daily routine includes hours of sitting at a desk using computers and browsing the internet,staying current with television shows and using countless labor-saving devices, you can